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Interactive Online Spanish Classes for Kids

Step into the vibrant world of Spanish with personalized online lessons led by experienced native-speaking teachers. Explore, learn, and embrace the language!

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Personalized Learning Experience

Dive into Spanish with lessons tailored just for your child. It's a personalized journey, enhancing learning in a way that's uniquely theirs.

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Experienced Native-Speaking Teachers

Our experienced native instructors bring Spanish to life! Your child learns from the best, gaining a true grasp of the language.

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Interactive and Fun Lessons

Learning Spanish? It's not just a lesson, it's an interactive, lively adventure! Engaging activities and games make every class a blast. 🚀

Unveiling the Spanish Journey

From Beginners to Mastery


🌟 For Young Explorers

Start the adventure! Our Beginners program is the first step, introducing young language enthusiasts to the beauty of Spanish. From essential vocabulary to pronunciation practice, your child's journey begins here, filled with interactive learning and a nurturing environment.


🚀 Building Strong Foundations

For those with a grasp of the basics, our Intermediate program deepens language skills while exploring Spanish culture and communication. Expand vocabulary, enhance conversational skills, and foster both linguistic and cultural growth in this dynamic learning experience.



🔥 Mastering Spanish Fluency

Ready to achieve fluency? Our Advanced program refines language skills, covering advanced vocabulary, complex grammar, and expressive communication. Your child's language precision and confidence will soar in these high-level classes.

Spanish for Us is a wonderful program for kids to learn Spanish. My son's teacher is Carmen. She is very patient and makes the class a fun learning experience. The teacher keeps him engaged by changing the activities such us playing games, drawing and looking for items. My son has made progress since he started this program. Thank you Carmen and the Spanish for Us team for everything!

Janely Garcia

Spanish For Us has been amazing! I have seen improvement in my child's Spanish and a boost in confidence when speaking. Cristina is very responsive, understanding and professional. Ms. Eli is amazing with kids. She knows how to communicate with children and engage them in each lesson. Thank you for making this such a pleasant experience!

Mariana Briones

My daughter has been receiving Spanish lessons for over a year now and she has enjoyed herself immensely. Her teacher is professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and great with kids. My daughter looks forward to her Spanish lessons every week and we are thrilled to give her the opportunity to practice her skills with the guidance of a stellar tutoring company.

Kelly Suarez

Words from Parents

  • Is there a trial class available?
    Yes, we offer a free trial class to allow your child to experience our teaching style and methodology before committing.
  • What age group is suitable for Spanish For Us classes?
    Our classes are designed for children between the ages of 5 and 12.
  • What is the duration of each class?
    Each class typically lasts 30 minutes, which we find is an optimal duration for focused learning and engagement. However, for older kids who can manage longer sessions, we do offer 1-hour long classes to cater to their learning needs and preferences.
  • What is the frequency of classes per week?
    We recommend a minimum of two classes per week to maintain continuity and enhance learning.
  • Are the classes one-on-one or group sessions?
    We offer personalized, one-on-one sessions with a dedicated instructor to ensure focused learning for your child.
  • How can I schedule a trial class?
    You can schedule a trial class by clicking on the "Schedule a Trial Class" button on our website and filling out the form.
  • What topics and subjects are covered in the curriculum?
    Our curriculum encompasses a wide range of topics and subjects, tailored to match the student's age and Spanish proficiency level. In beginner levels, we focus on fundamental subjects like animals, foods, and family, providing a strong foundation. As students progress to intermediate and advanced levels, the subject matter becomes more intricate and sophisticated, aligning with their age and growing understanding of the language. This may include reading short stories, delving into cultural aspects, and exploring more complex vocabulary and grammar structures. We strive to adapt and elevate our curriculum to provide an engaging and enriching learning experience.
  • How flexible is the scheduling of classes?
    We offer flexible scheduling options and can work around your child's schedule to ensure convenient lesson timings.
  • What if my child has no prior knowledge of Spanish?
    No worries! Our classes cater to all levels, including beginners. We'll tailor the lessons to suit your child's proficiency level.

Spanish Awaits
Are You Ready?

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