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Spanish Classes for Kids

We offer a program to teach children between the ages of 3 and 12 to learn Spanish as a second language. The children will be assessed and placed in their classes according to their ages and linguistic abilities.

Miami, FL | Pembroke Pines, FL | Jacksonville, FL

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Each class offers exposure and practice with all modes of Spanish, which guarantee the learning of the language. The program contents are presented through a variety of educational activities, using visual, auditory, and tactile materials, in an atmosphere of total immersion in the Spanish language. Activities include listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, as well as, grammar, vocabulary, and conversation.


A variety of resources and techniques are implemented in order to carry out the objectives, such as small group instruction, one-on-one teaching, songs, games, and projects.


Each session is one hour long and each individual child gets personalized attention according to his/her needs and skills.

New to Spanish For Us?


“We have the most amazing tutor, she is patient and makes learning fun.  I started noticing my kids improve after a couple of weeks.  They come to your house and make it so convenient for you.  I look forward to being with them for many years.”


Gabriela C.

Meet the owner

Cristina Salcedo

Cristina has been tutoring Spanish to children in the Miami area for 18 years. As a native Spanish speaker born in Colombia, she has established a successful record of student performance improvement achievements throughout her career. 

Cristina is a Speech-Language professional with achievements in several areas including helping students to acquire Spanish as a Second Language, with native-like pronunciation. She has worked with multi-cultural students and adapted to different learning styles, increasing engagement and interaction. Her work ethics along with a proven commitment to motivating and encouraging students to strive for and achieve their academic and personal goals make her an effective tutor.

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